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Chromium Plating VS ARCOR Nitriding Process

Hard chromium VI plating (main processing ingredient is hexavalent chromium) has been applied for many years in industry to increase wear resistance of the surface. There are three reasons to use hard chromium plating in the industry:

The Benefits Of Chromium VI Applications

The Benefits Of Chromium VI Applications

Chromium Plating Alternatives

Researchers continue to look for a good alternative replacement for Chromium plating and some alternatives have been found. One alternative is using trivalent chromium plating bath. R&D has been going on for the past 20 years and although there have been lots of scientific papers investigated in this area, it is not easy to find industrial process with trivalent chromium plating.

Arcor, the Best Alternative for Chromium VI Plating

A great alternative to the Chromium VI plating process is a nitriding process called ARCOR. This chromium and cyanide free coating is an excellent substitute for the chromium plating. All of the benefits that come with chromium plating are found in the ARCOR process without the chromium plating disadvantages. For more about Surface Heat Treat and Coatings ARCOR process, click here.

How Arcor Nitriding Works

During ARCOR process a functional multilayer coating is created on the steel substrate. The top layer coating is a high resistance protective oxide layer that improves corrosion resistance of the parts in many environments.This thin layer has close-pores which improves lubrication with the good run-in.  The middle layer of the ARCOR, which is called as “compound layer”, consists of iron nitrides that provides high surface hardness and thus high wear resistance.The third layer is “diffusion layer” and is located at the interface of substrate and coating. Since this zone is produced through the penetration of atomic nitrogen into the steel substrate, the peeling and resistance of ARCOR coating is extremely high in comparison to the other electroplated coatings.

How Arcor Nitriding Works

With the growing global concerns around highly toxic chemicals, a demand for low impact steel treatments continues to expand. Unlike Chromium plating, the Arcor process is free of any unusual contaminants and toxic substances. It is a nitriding process that doesn’t use cyanide or chromium.Finally, this briefly comparison between chromium VI plating and ARCOR process in terms of environment, energy, and coating properties, shows that “ARCOR process is a superior potential candidate to substitute for chromium VI plating”.This article was written by our new in house Metallurgist and Research and Development specialist Mehdi Yari, PH.D. For more information about the author, please  see his company bio here.
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