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Shawn Doucette
Vice President
Precision Components

“At Precision Components, we depend on the reliable service of Surface Heat Treat and Coatings, to
help us meet our customers demands in today’s Global Economy.  With their expertise in the field of
Vacuum Heat Treating, they are able to treat our various types of tool steel with minimal distortion.
This level of skill has allowed us to machine closer to our finish size leaving less material for grinding.

In some cases the expected result is so consistently reliable we have been able to change our process to finishing before Heat Treat, eliminating steps taken only a few years ago.  This along with Surface Heat Treat’s Nitride Coating, which we use regularly to add a hard wear and corrosion resistant surface to finished parts. A local facility with world class performance.
Surface Heat Treat and Coatings is who we count on to make our parts tougher!”

Nick Montecchia
Director of Research
and Development
RZR Skateblades

“To Jessica and the team at Surface Heat Treat and Coatings, I would like to extend my deepest thanks for your commitment and effort to our products. From development stage to full production, the expertise and services that you and your team have provided are nothing but first class!

We are dedicated to manufacturing in the community and with companies such as yours we have been able to achieve this goal. The commitment to quality and attention to detail are unparalleled. Looking forward to many years of doing business together.”

Surface Heat Treat & Coatings
We offer numerous metal heat treating and coating services for the auto, oil, agricultural, and tool & die industries.

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