TD Coating

Thermal Diffusion Extreme Carbide System (TD Coating) is a superior adhesion process which successfully applies a layer of vanadium carbide coating to metal adding long term, uniform and resilient anti-corrosion protection primarily for dies (forming, stamping and piercing) and extrusion tooling. 
TD is the number one requested coating at Surface Heat Treat and Coating. It performs exceptionally well on tool steels such as AISI D-2, AISI A-2, and AISI H-13.
At Surface Heat Treat and Coatings our treatment process controls thickness of this coating ensuring uniformity across the section (adding only 4 to 8 µm) thereby not compromising dimensions of a tool, die or part. 
If you are looking for optimum performance and long term wear on all metal part, tooling and forming applications than make the investment and give us a call at 905-6640-1666.


TD Extreme Steps:

• Pre-hardening
• Polishing
• TD coating
• Post hardening (vacuum hardening and double temper)
• Final Polishing
• Solid lubricant (MoS2) application (Optional)

TD Extreme Properties:

• Composition : (V,Nb)C with V:Nb ratio of 3:1
• Hardness: 2800 to 3500 HV
• Thickness: 4 to 8 µm depending on type of substrate
• Effectively eliminates galling in dies
• Provides low friction coefficient to 0.08
• Increases lifespan of tools and dies significantly
• High resistance against corrosion in various environments
• Stable at high temperatures up to 900 °F (500 °C)

TD Coating

Thermal Diffusion Extreme Carbide Coating System, or “TD Coating” for short is Surface Heat Treat and Coatings number one requested coating for stamping and metal forming. T.D. Extreme is used for forming dies, stamping dies, extrusion dies, piercing punches and extrusion tooling with a high level of success. This coating is especially good for hard to form stainless steel, high strength low alloy steels and Aluminum.  The superior performance for all forming applications makes it the natural choice for tool and die makers looking for a wear resistant coating.

  • Diffusion Bonded to Surface

  • High Hardness HV3500-4200

  • Ideal for Metal Stamping and Metal Forming

  • Increase Productivity

  • Improve Tool Life

  • Increase Cost Savings

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Vacuum Heat Treating

With over 5000 lbs of capacity and 5 foot long furnaces, Surface Heat Treat and Coatings can handle almost any sized heat treating job and is has one of the best Heat Treat service teams in Ontario, Canada. Vacuum heat treatment is one of the best ways to heat treat parts. Since parts are heat treated in a vacuum environment, the parts are kept clean, uncontaminated and without any oxidization. Uniformity and dimensions are better maintained.

  • Bright Clean Work

  • No Decarburization

  • Less Distortion

  • Controlled Heating

  • Controlled Quenching

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Arcor Nitriding

The benefits of nitriding are many, but the most important one is wear and corrosion resistance. After nitriding , the surface of the tool will have wear and corrosion resistance properties that are 200%-1000% greater than the original material. It is also an excellent alternative to hard chrome for environmental reasons as hexavalent chromium is not used at any step in the Arcor process. Nitriding surface treatments have one of the longest track records of success of any case hardening technologies. Our treatments are used throughout the world to enhance the wear and tear resistance of lower alloy steels and stainless steels.

  • Resists Wear

  • Resists Seizure

  • Corrosion Resistant

  • Decorative Black

  • Quick Turnaround

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Case Hardening

Case hardening infuses carbon into the surface of steel, which makes it harder and more wear resistant. This application is popular due to the cost effectiveness and quick turn around time of the process. With case hardening, the typical tools that use this application are gears, pinion shafts, wear plates and die forms. Surface Heat Treat and Coatings does a high volume of case hardening on a daily basis and are considered one of the best metal heat treating companies for case hardening in North America.

  • Resists Wear

  • Increased Toughness

  • Longer Component Life

  • Vacuum Normalized

  • Clean Finished Parts

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Boronex Boronizing Coating

Boronex Boronizing Coating is Surface Heat Treat and Coatings newest edition in life extending coatings, we service all of Canada and specifically Ontario. Boronex combines high wear resistance to form the ultimate in protection. This specialized German engineered coating is now available in Ontario, Canada only through Surface Heat Treat and Coatings. Boronex Boronizing Coating works with almost any steel, including: Low alloy steels, stainless steels, tool steels and nickel or cobalt based alloys.

  • Tool Making and Metal Forming 

  • Aluminum Processing

  • Plastic Injection Molding

  • Mechanical Engineering

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